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Название: Coincraft's Standard Catalogue of English and UK Coins, 1066 to Date
Год издания: 2000
Издательство: Krause Publication
Раздел: Нумизматика
Тип: Каталог
Количество страниц: 762
Код ISBN: 0952622882
Дата:   2007-11-05

Добавил:   ANNO1891

Рейтинг:   0.00
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This extensive catalogue is an annually updated, illustrated, serial publication focusing on coin collecting, from an established firm that deals with coins, banknotes and antiquities. It is aimed at the coin trade and collectors and intends to be more of an encylopaedia than a catalogue. The material is split into hammered and milled sections and presented in denomination order; within each denomination, coins are listed by monarch. "Collecting hints" on the availability of grades and conditions are offered for all series, and a new numbering system is used, enabling instant identification of the issuing monarch and the denomination of the coin. All the coin prices have been reviewed, and changes made in the light of market alterations. The work is enhanced with maps, indexes, a bibliography, photographs, and line drawings.
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