1 Rouble/1 Pye in Cash or Stock , 1918
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ID: 20144
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Canadian YMCA Siberia 1 Rouble/1 Pye in Cash or Stock ND (1918-19)
Approximately 4200 Canadians, with most being French-Canadian conscripts, served in the Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force. The CSEF sailed from Victoria to Vladivostok on December 22, 1918. The troops were stationed mostly in Vladivostok, along the Trans-Siberian Railroad, and at Omsk. The YMCA for several nations at this time was concerned with the military's morale and comfort operations. The Canadian YMCA in Siberia operated among other things, canteens, movie theatres, church services, and an eight team hockey league. All of the Canadians, except for the nineteen who died, were transported back home by June 1919. The quick exit was due to low morale. This chit with serial number 1397 measures 22 mm by 35 mm and is perforated along the left side. There is a printed signature on the face plus three penned initials. The back states in a diagonal banner, "Not For Civilian Use".