1 Dollar Fisher Food Stores specimen, 1937
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Fisher Foods Specimen Coupon Cleveland Ohio 1937 Depression era .FISHER FOODS, INC. was one of Cleveland's major food retailers. It began as the Fisher Bros. Co. in Feb. 1907 when 3 New York grocers, Manning F. and Chas. Fisher and Joseph Salmon, opened a grocery store at W. 47th St. and Lorain Ave. The company was incorporated in 1908.

With 48 stores around the city by 1916, Fisher Bros. built a new warehouse and bakery at 2323 Lakeside Ave. and introduced the cash-and-carry system, which lowered prices and increased the company's business. In 1928 the chain had $18 million in sales from its 323 stores across northern Ohio. In 1937 Fisher Bros. opened its first self-service "master market." The name was changed to Fisher Foods, Inc., in 1961 to reflect changes in its operation. Until the 1960s, Fisher was the largest retail food distributor in Cleveland, but its sales then began to fall along with its share of the market. In 1965 Fisher Foods was acquired by a group of local grocery executives consisting of Carl and John Fazio, Sam Costa, and Julius (Julie) Kravitz.